Orfeas extra virgin olive oil

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Orfeas extra virgin olive oil is cold extracted, 100% natural product of the olive fruit and is produced without any chemical process.

Its unique, “full” taste satisfies the most demanding users and brings balance in every dish. Its colour is green with golden scintillations.

Orfeas is produced in the following qualities which comply with the contemporary gastronomic demands.

Extra virgin olive oil Orfeas fruity

Orfeas fruity derives from unripe olives which give lower oil yield, but the result is an olive oil rich in polyphenols, with intense green colour and special aroma.

Strong taste for demanding gourmands, ideal for raw use.

Extra virgin olive oil Orfeas mild

Orfeas mild derives from fully ripe olives and has a light delicate taste. It is suitable for all uses, for hot and cold plates, for cooking or frying.

The extra virgin olive oil is also provided in private label, in all available packaging.