Orfeas P.D.O. extra virgin olive oil

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Orfeas P.D.O. olive oils come from specific regions that are characterized as “Protected Designation of Origin” and are accompanied with the corresponding certifications.

This range of special olive oils (P.D.O. Kalamata, P.D.O. Sitia, P.D.O. Krokees, P.D.O. Peza, P.D.O. Apokorona), produced from the most exquisite varieties of olives, has a distinct, pleasant aroma and fruity taste.

The best P.D.O. olive oil qualities from all over Greece arrive at your table, in order to strengthen with their special characteristics the taste of your salad, grilled vegetables, grilled meat or fish and generally enrich your dishes with a unique taste touch.

The extra virgin olive oils P.D.O. are also provided in private label, in all available packaging.